What does success look like?

One in ten families1 can’t afford to buy gifts this year because of financial strain made worse by the pandemic. There are 74 million kids under 18 in the US. That’s 7.4 million kids missing out on the joys of the holidays in the US alone!

We care about those kids. That’s why we’re aiming for a big but worthwhile goal.

We want to raise $1,000,000 USD by December 31st. At $25 USD2 per gift, our goal is to give 40,000 kids a gift this holiday season.

1 Source: CNBC

2 The $25 dollar per gift value is estimated referencing Operation Christmas Child's gift box value. The charities voted on by the elfDAO community will have discretion over gift value and other specifics, thus this number only serves as an estimation to convert our ETH raised into approximate number of gifts funded.