How to Donate and Mint

If this is your first time using a cryptocurrency wallet, interacting with Juicebox, or minting an NFT, we’ve created steps below to help you get started!

Preparing a wallet

There are several wallet options available to choose from that elfDAO can work with, such as Coinbase Wallet, Rainbow Wallet (via wallet connect) and Metamask.

Creating a Wallet

In order to donate on Juicebox and mint an elfDAO NFT, you will first need a wallet native to Ethereum loaded with ether (ETH).

Web option: One easy, user-friendly option is to install the Coinbase Wallet extension into your browser (works best with Chrome). With Coinbase Wallet, you can load funds directly from your Coinbase consumer account into your wallet account. Follow the set up instructions for Coinbase Wallet and fund the wallet.

Mobile option: A great mobile app option is to download the Rainbow wallet on your mobile device. With rainbow, you can load up to $500 per week using services like Apple Pay. Follow the instructions to set up your rainbow wallet, and then fund the wallet.

Buying Ether

The easiest way to obtain ether is to buy through an exchange like Coinbase or Binance/Binance US. We recommend Coinbase for people getting started with crypto.

Note that Coinbase and Coinbase Wallet are different tools, both made by the same company. Coinbase is an exchange, whereas Coinbase wallet is a self-custodial wallet that can interact with web3 apps (like elfDAO’s smart contract, for instance).

Once you purchase your ether in Coinbase, send the ether to the wallet you created. To do this, go to Coinbase, select ETH, go to your balance, and select the transfer icon at the top right. Then, get the wallet address of the wallet you created (it looks like a long string of characters) and copy that into the recipient line. Confirm the transaction and the ether will be sent to your wallet.

Now you’re ready to donate ETH on Juicebox!

1. Donating on Juicebox

Connect Wallet

Go to the elfDAO Juicebox project page and connect your wallet by selecting the “Connect Wallet” button on the top right.

If you created a Coinbase Wallet or Metamask account, select your repsective wallet and a pop up will appear. You may be asked to enter your password to your account. Once you click "connect”, your wallet will be connected to Juicebox.
If you created a Rainbow wallet or any other Wallet Connect-enabled wallet, select Wallet Connect. This will show a QR code to scan. Go into the Rainbow wallet, and select the “Discover” button on the top-right corner. Press the QR code scanner on the top-right corner, scan the code on your screen, and your wallet will be connected to Juicebox.

Submit contribution amount

On the right side of the project page, you can enter the amount (in ETH) you’d like to donate to elfDAO. Click “Contribute,” and a summary of your donation will pop up. Once you click “Pay,” an overview of the transaction will appear in your wallet. It will display an estimated gas cost, which is a fee that Ethereum requires to execute any computations on the network. Click “confirm” to approve the transaction.

There is usually a one to two minute wait time for the transaction to complete. Then, you will see the “Contract Interaction” with Juicebox recorded in your wallet activity.

Awesome, you just made your first ETH transaction!

2. Claiming $GIFT Tokens

Click "Claim"

Scroll down and look for the $GIFT tokens section on the left side, and click the “Claim” button. You will see your total $GIFT tokens available for redemption (both claimed and unclaimed). Enter the number of $GIFT tokens you wish to redeem.

Please be careful to confirm that the redemption amount is correct at the 1 ETH per 670,000 $GIFT token ratio for your desired number of redeemed tokens. Neither elfDAO nor Juicebox can guarantee issue resolution after a redemption is complete.

Confirm Transaction

Once you have confirmed that the ETH:GIFT ratio for your desired amount of tokens to be claimed is correct, click "Claim".

3. Claiming an elfDAO NFT

Note: Claiming will be available soon. Stay tuned for updates on our discord and twitter!

To thank our contributors for their generous contributions, we will be offering thank you NFTs for contributors to mint. The mint eligibility for the NFTs varies based on your Juicebox contribution amount.

We will collect the addresses of the donors and update our claimlist periodically throughout the donation period. Please be patient with us as we work to ensure every donor that meets the eligibility criteria is added to the claimlist.

Steps to Mint

“Minting” is a term in reference to interacting with a smart contract on the blockchain and paying gas (fees paid to the network to process the transaction) to create a new token to own. In this case, you’re interacting with elfDAO’s smart contract to create a new NFT for yourself.

1. Connnect Wallet

Go to the elfdao website and connect your wallet by selecting the “Connect Wallet” button on the home page. A dialog box should appear and you will be able to select what type of wallet to connect. Upon clicking on your respective wallet, you should be prompted to connect your wallet.

2. Click "Mint"

Once your wallet is connected, you will be able to click the “mint” button under the Elf and Reindeer NFTs if you are on our pre-approved claimlist. Our smart contract will first check if your wallet address is eligible for the NFT you’ve selected.

As a reminder, you can mint an Elf NFT at any time if you donate 0.1 ETH or more on Juicebox. You can mint a Reindeer NFT if you are one of the first 970 people to donate 0.5 ETH or more on Juicebox.

If your wallet qualifies for minting, an overview of the transaction will appear in your wallet. It will display an estimated gas cost. Click “confirm” to approve the transaction.

After the transaction is processed, you will see the “Mint” recorded in your wallet activity.

Congrats on minting your elfDAO NFT and thank you again for your generous contribution! WAGBG!

Notes and Disclaimers

While these smart contracts have been reviewed by the community, there is always a risk of unforeseen issues. By making your donation on Juicebox and claiming your NFT on our website, you agree to the technical risks associated with interacting with these contracts.