Introducing elfDAO

Here at elfDAO, we are elves - the workers, builders, and contributors of holiday cheer. We elves see the activity of gift-giving as one of the best ways to use our platform to share cheer to children. And we're sick of seeing "Santa" never show up for children less fortunate.

That's why we've created elfDAO - to fund, organize, and donate gifts to institutions, orphanages, and low-income neighborhood centers and bring holiday joy to as many children as possible.

For many kids around the globe, the holidays mark some of the most special days of the year. However, let's remember that there are many kids that don't get to celebrate the holidays like we do.

In a world where we can utilize awesome tools like DAOs and Defi to fund community projects, it's a no-brainer for us to help children have a happy holiday season.

elfDAO is launching a 12-day fundraising campaign from December 20th to December 31st for the first ever Web3 toy drive.

So come one, come all. Join us on our adventure to work, build, and contribute to the greatest effort to spread holiday cheer in the world. Join elfDAO.